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Hello world!

I think I’ll start blogging. I need something to fidget with while I finally have time to sit down at home. It seems that lots of people have been writing and starting blogs now, why not me? I may not have the most exciting thrill-seeking life,  but maybe you might learn something new that has been bouncing around inside my head and you would have never known had I not started this blog.  And hey, it might even be kind of fun! My goal is to have every post be as positive as possible so that no matter what, there is at least one point in my day that I can sit down and see the humor in life. And to be thankful for things that make my everyday life special like warm banana bread and butter, fuzzy posters, Tupperware, cat nail clippers, ice cream, and just plain ole’ love.

About And the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

I'm a hard working and easy going Mama Bear to my two cats, and have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with for almost three years. I just recently finished an apprenticeship for dog grooming and am starting in my 1st year as a Professional Pet Groomer. I am grateful of all that I have in my life and this is so I can show the world a little happiness (or at least a little entertainment) as often as I can.

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