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Day One: Weird Things You Do When Your Alone

Well, I tried to think of things while I was at work today and I just couldn’t seem to come up with anything interesting and seriously weird. But now that I am alone some other things are coming to my mind.

1.) Meow songs to my cats/ have full conversations with them and tell them about my day. That’s normal right?

2.) Read food blogs and get really hungry and then end up skipping dinner because it’s too late to make any food because i have been distracted >.<

3.) I noticed that when I am out in public walking around by myself (the grocery store, mall, outdoor marketplaces, etc.), I tend to look lost. But actually I am just being contemplative…. I think…. well, most the time. I just like to wander, it’s relaxing!

4.) Photobooth on my Macbook. Enough said.


5.) One of my friends told me about this website This is for when I have nothing else to do besides talk to strangers from all over the world about pretty much nothing and anything at the same time. Try it one day.

6.) Change my outfit. Like 150 times a day. Like I am 10 years old all over again.

7.) I like to read. Books. That’s weird right?

About And the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

I'm a hard working and easy going Mama Bear to my two cats, and have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with for almost three years. I just recently finished an apprenticeship for dog grooming and am starting in my 1st year as a Professional Pet Groomer. I am grateful of all that I have in my life and this is so I can show the world a little happiness (or at least a little entertainment) as often as I can.

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