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Day Three: What Kind of Person Attracts You?

In no particular order I tend to lean towards people who are:

-caring and naturally good natured.

-attractive. not only in looks but personality. this may seem shallow but it is the truth for more people than you think.

-level headed. have a good set of morals, it does wonders in your everyday life.

-strong willed. having goals and actively working towards them.

-knowledgeable. i like to learn things from others experiences.

-non-judgmental. being quick to judge doesn’t do anyone any good.

-open-minded. be willing to learn about what others may think without shutting them down.

-playful. life is fun! enjoy yourself!


-and animal lovers! 🙂

About And the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

I'm a hard working and easy going Mama Bear to my two cats, and have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with for almost three years. I just recently finished an apprenticeship for dog grooming and am starting in my 1st year as a Professional Pet Groomer. I am grateful of all that I have in my life and this is so I can show the world a little happiness (or at least a little entertainment) as often as I can.

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