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Happy April! and Day Four:

Happy April Everyone! Holy cow. Last night while I was finally getting ready for bed in the wee hours of the morning I discovered the ants had taken over my bedroom. So we were spraying the living hell out of my nightstand and the surrounding floor and by the time we were finished the room/whole house smelled so much like the spray that we had to camp in the living room. Before I go on complaining too much, might i suggest this spray to anyone that has pets. It is awesome, it works right away and when used in small quantities really doesn’t smell that bad. It’s called EcoSmart Organic Insecticide Ant & Roach Killer. It is SAFE for children and pets! And living in an older house with a healthy population of sugar ants this has been a life saver!


Anyways, Waking up in the living room thermarest, sleeping bags, boyfriend, kitties and all, with the sunshine streaming right down on my face was the perfect way to start my day. Jack Johnson radio on Pandora, french toast, bacon, and 4 cups of freshly brewed coffee later I finally got my man to wake up! It’s been a long time since I have woken up in a great mood, full of energy and ready to tackle the day. Coffee don’t fail me now!

Day Four: What you wear to bed.

Well I just happen to be one of those people who spin around in their sleep. So as not to strangle myself in the middle of the night I really don’t wear much. Comfy shorts and a cami is the usual. and NO SOCKS. I don’t know how you people do it. Wearing socks to bed is just plain weird. and gross? Haven’t you been wearing those all day!? With the exception of those really fuzzy soft socks that people usually give as gifts. You know the ones. I had a pair… but I lost one of them… *sigh* but my birthday is slowly approaching (hint hint). Anyway pajamas are over rated. Oh! and usually by about 2am I am wearing at least one cat sleeping on my head. 🙂


About And the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

I'm a hard working and easy going Mama Bear to my two cats, and have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with for almost three years. I just recently finished an apprenticeship for dog grooming and am starting in my 1st year as a Professional Pet Groomer. I am grateful of all that I have in my life and this is so I can show the world a little happiness (or at least a little entertainment) as often as I can.

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